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Fire descends into the human reel
within the brightly burning earthly coals
for crucibles exalted by a theft
revealing dross and slag of molten souls.

Bound to aspire---pillar, ground, and stone
profound immortal forethought fallen prey
chained, unchanged duality deceives the gods
each moment's hour, each night of day.

One arm extends a synapse to the stars
another labors the eleventh hour
the useful arts of mankind's masquerade
in talents grasping for eternal power.

Each Promethean response resounds
as these devouring wings have taken flight
purified for thirty thousand years
by heaven's fiery oculus of Light.





Click on photo for a larger view

Click on photo for a larger view
Through the rebellious hero Prometheus, the ancient Greeks expressed immortal forethought within reach of all humanity.  The theft of the fire of divine vitality, passion, creativity and awakened enlightenment serves as a beacon to the struggling human consciousness.  Reaching for the light of understanding, breaking free of mortal bonds, the release from torment comes with the aid of Herculean inner strength.  The heroic archetype within sparks a transformation, firing the redemptive arrow to hit its mark,  allowing every individual to share in the prize of fire and Light.

The expanding movement of the ascending figure follows the form of the double helix -- the patterning of life itself.  The apparent chasm is bridged between the molecular essence of every form and the infinite expansion of creation.  Humanity's iconoclastic hero, formed of clay, has become molten bronze.  The bird and man simultaneously filled with fire, opened to the light of day, liberated from their imposed shell to freedom -- free to express the fire of Divinity.

Bronze   24 inches high   
$7,500.00     Limited edition of 75 castings  


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