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Robert Jacobs at American Fine Arts Foundry discussing the welding and chasing of the bronze "Divine Surrender" with foundry craftsman Servando Santamaria

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About Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs is a versatile artist with over twenty-five years of professional experience.  His work can be seen in California art galleries from Marin to San Diego Counties.

Robert's recent works "Icon" and "Divine Surrender" use archetypal themes to express emotional, psychological, and spiritual transformation.

Artistís Statement

       Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with mythology.  I have kept that fascination alive in my artwork, which portrays the emotional, psychological, and spiritual transformation that we all experience. Each human life is unique, yet woven together with all humanity through universal emotions and collective human consciousness. The imagery of dreams, mythology and religion share the archetypal symbols that convey illustrations of transformation.  These symbols and the human form itself connect us all in a common experience.  The image and likeness of the human figure displays the mortal and the divine. The form of expression for my artwork follows the surrealistic imagery of dreams and myth. We are the heroes and heroines of our own dreams and mythic lives. The most transformative moments of life are surreal ó a shift of time, space and perception ó giving us a glimpse of reality that transcends ordinary experience, allowing us to see through the waking  dream of our lives.

          My intention in the process of making art is to use the medium of clay transformed to bronze, or paint applied to canvas, to convey ideas and emotions that transcend that medium, creating an experience of communication far greater than the form through which it is conveyed.  For myself, the creative process often begins with the arrival of visual concepts and word  imagery in the form of poetry.  The surreal and dreamlike quality of the word images connect the concepts of mythological and archetypal forms of the subconscious mind to the conscious processes of sculpture and painting  which follow.  I have endeavored to hone my artistic skills to rise to the task of reaching that depth of communication of the profound and the sublime, when technique becomes second nature, and the visual poem can be heard in the human heart and mind.

         These are lofty goals: to express the intangible and transcendent in physical forms.  Yet, isnít this the goal of human experience itself?  It is the artists and the poets who make a career of these aspirations.   Artistic success is first fulfilled in the depth of passion within the artist, and brought to fruition by the perception of the audience.  The audience completes the circle of the creative process.  The point of time and space that an artist occupies is quite small, but the connection an artist can make with the infinite imagination is limitless.    

 Robert  Jacobs
February  2005




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