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The axis and the labyrinth
silence is her strength
deep and molten is her core
blazing mirror of the sun
clothed by clay and ore.

Foundation for experience
fertile for all time
the land of dreams display
buried seeds imagined
reaching toward the light of day.

Metamorphic and transcendent
liberty, unarmed, transforms
receiving us in birth and death
earthly and celestial
sustaining first  and final breath.

Mother of all form
womb of our experience
collective frame of mind
flowing with infinite seas
of conceivability.




In the creation myths of the ancient Greeks, Gaia, the metaphorical Earth Mother, unites with Ouranos, the archetypal Sky Father, to conceive the Titans of this cosmos within Infinite Consciousness.  And the passion play of opposites among the elemental forces of existence begins.  All is conceivable through projection and receptivity, realized in the fertile landscape of the layered planes of experience.  The textured tensions of expansion and contraction turn to extend the limits for every soul to explore.  The compelling source within one, is the inspiring essence within all; as the celestial offspring find nurtured, rooted, conviction within the earthen vessel of Gaia.

Bronze 40 inches high
Limited edition of 30 castings



Click on the photo for a larger view

Click on the photo for a larger view

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