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Sprung from crown immortal
as beacon of heroic arc
held compressed in vise of time
between these borrowed specks of carbon
and eternal moment beyond thought.

Dear sister of aeonic Son of Man
whose aegis clothes the quest
embracing destiny of enduring souls
through dreams that dare to lift
the shielding of bright stars.

Reflecting All in All
complete as One resumed
this crystalline conception
of daughter born immaculate
awakens our adventures of return.

Through her we rid our ignorance
and receive the call to be
not just a wanderer of fate
but in wisdom of circumference
resolved to our Infinity.




Click on photo for a larger view

Click on photo for a larger view

Athena is the guide of heroes:  heroic adventure, heroic arts and heroic wisdom.  Conceived of infinite resource and born of Divine Mind, this archetype opens us to the light of wisdom and gives voice to virtue.  This protective presence is nurtured through our own dedication.  The divine circle is completed as wisdom, in turn nurturing our earnest endeavors.  A timeless weld sparked through our deepest awareness holds our attention at the balance point of the eternal dance.  The heroic spirit is born in transformation,  as each extending finger of the enveloping garment of life touches us with insights.  A pearl of great price emerges from this costumed shell, restored from the subconscious depths of identity, awaiting our embrace.

Bronze 18 inches high
Limited edition of 75 castings

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