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The opening impressions
are awaiting our return
They never have departed
as we stepped out to learn
That this Eternal Instant
embraces every child
By taming fears
found lost within
Our wandering hearts beguiled.

 Surrender sublime hidden hands
as Liquid Light composed
Releasing rapture’s joyous depth
as the Truth of Us exposed.

 Through sheets of flame
or breathing winds
or every rightness of the earth
Through each intended accident
for clear convictions seeing
To raise indwelling radiance
as every impulse toward rebirth
from multitudes of wrenching cries
To peaceful waves of Being.

Robert Jacobs © 2004


Click on the photo for a larger view


Click on the photo for a larger view

Divine Impressions impart wisdom and guidance to spiritual travelers along the paths of every faith.  Often characterized in scripture, lore, and legend as Angels, these messengers bridge that mentally conjured chasm between the human and Divine.  Most ancient traditions portray these Divine Visitors as male entities of power and grace.  Yet the transcendent feminine manifestation of the Divine Presence bears the revered accolade the Queen of Angels and Bride of Heaven.  As Holy Mother Mary in Christianity, Shekhinah in Judaica, and Pistis Sophia in Gnosticism, she infuses the radiance within which the human and Divine touch.  Nurturing humanity and creation, she seals an indwelling bond upon the hearts of all who embrace the Heavenly Light of Divine Surrender.  


Bronze on black granite base,
24 inches high 

Limited edition of 75 castings


Click on the photo for a larger view

Click on the photo for a larger view

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