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Distant gallop rises to the winds
and treasured feathers of the wings
descend into the sharpened quill
conveying songs in tones it sings.

Transfixed by arc of brilliant light
upon reflective armor of the call
to feel a glimpse, eternal and sublime
a thousand faces hear the feathers fall.

Thundering upon the inner ear
from lightening sparked awakened sight
freed from time's terrestrial pursuit
empowering every ember to ignite.

In a moment of the spiraling myth
born of blood inspired again today
one forever demonstrates the muse
imprinted in the essences of clay.

Cast into the armored world
for transmuting, founding, and release
unlimited by numbered signs and words
the infinite impressions find their peace.






In the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the mighty
hooves of Pegasus released the fountain of the Muses
on Mount Helicon.  Higher aspirations of the mind are
symbolized by the powerful wings; and the dynamic
rising form of the horse expresses freedom of the
creative imagination and poetic inspiration.
Unconscious desires, collective thought forms and
instinctual emotions merge with wisdom and harmony,
as the archetypes of myth coalesce within the winged
horse.  The emergence of Pegasus from the slain
Medusa was the result of a heroic act performed by the
soul at one with the divine imagination -- satisfying the
mind and contenting the heart.

In the form of mythological metaphor, intuition
conquers distraction and turmoil through the guidance
of wisdom and understanding, giving rise to the innate
capacity for creativity.  Inspiration follows with the
accompanying lightning and thunder of insights and
emotions.  The sculptural composition correlates to an
underlying diagram of sacred geometry, to create a
patterning of harmony and unity, conveying an
atmosphere of strength, balance and peace.                                     

36" high, 34" wide and 27" deep.
Limited edition of 30 castings

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