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Fragments fall like leaves of mind,
Faces in time will fall too,
Cast into the fields of time,
Where new masks are assumed

Mirror fragments, scattered shards,
cutting shapes expressed of Soul,
Rooted fears find roots of peace,
Breaking free the mental mold

Until at last we find the face,
That never has been blind,
As the silent core,
As the open heart,
As the face of true design.




Click on photo for a larger view

Click on photo for larger view
Identity and perception, imagination and impression - these are the fundamental elements that define who we are.  The visible and invisible qualities of our chosen or assumed identities express who we perceive ourselves to be, and the impressions we make upon those around us.  Author, Maurice Nicoll, in his book "Living Time", described the idea that we all make different impressions on different people at various times.  No one really sees the invisible sides of us.  No one truly knows us in the way we know ourselves.  "We do not grasp that we are invisible.  We do not realize that we live in a world of invisible people.  We do not realize that life, before all other definitions of it, is a drama of the visible and the invisible."  "Casting Leaves" explores the identity past the mask of persona, and the signs within seasons of transformation.


Polished bronze on marble base,
18 inches high
Limited edition of 75 castings

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