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"ICON"  oil on canvas 48" X 60", limited edition giclees available soon.


 Awakened mirror of a child 
reflects in fields of seeds descending
while branches reach and leaves recall
the roots and ground
of Soul ascending.

The homes, the domes, the catacombs
give settings for the time-bound visage
meant to explore desire and open
a doorway
for the likened image.

This infancy of conscious dreaming
unfolds in lucid self-recalling
in memory’s impassioned play
of sleep
reflecting dreamers falling.

And this descent in Morphean arms
can stir the eye of child awaking
to take the first steps of re-linking
by questioning
the last forsaking.

Beyond the icons, towers, and temples
the child emerges from the dream
with fields and  mountains
as the body
in one eternal flowing stream.

Robert Jacobs   ©   2004


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